IBM delivers Linux mainframes to the open source world

“IBM plunged its proprietary mainframes headlong into the open source waters, delivering two Linux-only mainframes and its largest mainframe code drop to the open source community.

IBM also signed an agreement with Canonical Ltd. to create a version ofUbuntu for IBM’s z Systems and committed to enable products, such asApache Spark and MongoDB, on z Systems.”

Conclusion: Native Linux on mainframes is an exciting new possibility but it makes you wonder if Linux is the best choice of an operating system for a mainframe. What about AIX? It’s supposedly more proper for large workloads than Linux; on POWER at least. And what about Ubuntu as a choice of Linux distribution? Wouldn’t Red Hat had been a better choice? It seems that IBM is losing trust in it’s core systems.


Difference Between AES and Twofish

“The Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES, is currently the latest standard that has been adopted by United States government for encrypting top secret information. The label of AES was not initially meant for a single encryption method; instead it was a competition between many. Among the five finalists are Rijndael and Twofish. Rjindael won and was adopted as AES while Twofish obviously did not.[…]”

Conclusion: Twofish is more secure than AES (Rjindael) but more complex and power-hungry in it’s hardware implementation.